Professional Hypnotherapy Services in the North West

Hypnotherapy has been around for hundreds of years, and has time and time again, been proven to be effective.

My main concentration is making every single session informative, productive and relaxing. I would like you to feel as comfortable as possible. This ensures that my clients benefit from each session.

There are a vast number of hypnotherapists in the North West and you maybe thinking about which one is right for you. Ultimately, only you can be the judge of that. That is why I offer a 100% free initial consultation, so you can see whether my methods would be the right for you.

Problems Helped

As highly experienced and fully qualified hypnotherapist, I will help you overcome many issues and symptoms that are affecting your every day.

I can help you to overcome social anxiety, by improving your self-confidence and helping you to engage with others. You may just want to quit smoking, I can assist with that also. I will help you in a professional and non-judgemental manner, helping you overcome your symptoms that may be holding you back.

About Hypnotheraphy

There are two main types of hypnotherapy: “Suggestion” therapy, and “Analytical” hypnotherapy. “Suggestion” hypnotherapy only generally takes one or two sessions (this can vary), and is ideal for: stopping smoking, exam nerves, driving tests etc…

Analytical hypnotherapy delves deeper into the reason behind your, phobia, anxiety, depression, weight loss, IBS, obsessions and a lot more… It takes several sessions, which we can agree on and have amazing results.