Fears and Phobias

What are Fears and Phobias?

There probably aren’t many of us that do not have any fears or phobias of some sort, even if it’s as simple as being a little fearful of spiders, or perhaps liking to sleep with a little light shining somewhere nearby.  Many fears are manageable and the majority of us experience them at some point in our lives.

However, some people have fears of phobias that limit their opportunities in life:  the person with a fear of flying may find being on an plane very uncomfortable, however someone with a more serious fear, or phobia, of flying may completely avoid getting on a plane al together.

Below is a list of the more common fears and phobias that we get consulted about:

  1. Spiders – Arachnophobia
  2. Flying  – aviatopophobia
  3. Water – Hydrophobia
  4. Heights – Acrophobia
  5. Enclosed spaces – Claustrophobia
  6. Open spaces – Agorophobia
  7. Crowds – Demophobia
  8. Darkness – Nyctophobia
  9. Dentists – Odontophobia
  10. Speaking in public – Glossophobia
  11. Needles – Aichmophobia
  12. Death or dying – Thanatophobia
  13. Being sick – Emetophobia or Emetephobia (may also be known as phagophobia, vomitophobia, vomit phobia, sickness phobia)
  14. Being judged or put on the spot – Social Phobia, or Scopophobia.
  15. Urinating in front of others, shy bladder, paruresis, toilet anxiety or toilet phobia
  16. Defecating (either alone, or in earshot of others), stools and losing bowel control – Coprophobia, or Corporophobia

The list of fears and phobias is endless as people can be fearful of absolutely anything. What is important is that, if your fear or phobia is having a negative impact upon you, or if it is limiting your full participation in life, or if your fear or phobia is becoming more severe and is beginning to take over your life, then it is probably time to do something about it.

Issues with Fears and Phobias

Perhaps you would like to remove and resolve all future issues in relation to your fear or phobia?  In these circumstances it is likely that you would benefit most from a course of hypnotherapy.

This type of therapy would provide you with all the benefits of hypnosis with suggestion therapy, whilst also helping you to fully resolve your issues with your fear of phobia.

At Hypnotherapy North West we have found that fears and phobias can be very effectively treated and issues can usually be resolved within 8 sessions.