I first meant Dave several months ago and I have been seeing him on a regular basis since. From our first meeting he put me at ease, made me feel “normal” and did not judge me.
There has been tears of sadness and now thankfully tears of laughter to which I credit to Dave.
A great listener, has empathy, and truly is a caring guy.
The day after my first session with Dave I woke at 6am and bounced out of bed – normally I have to drag myself out at 8.30am. I proceeded to do a workout and make a shepherds pie – can I say I don’t do 6am workouts nor do I cook that much. I was moving house the following week but instead of waiting for the removals to start I packed my car up and started to move myself – this is all before going to work at 9.30am. I can only describe the way I felt was like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders and a wave of relief.
So would I recommend Dave? HELL YES.
Dave I am so thankful to you and wish you all the best in your new Office, Southport is lucky to have you.
Thank you Dave, Helen W